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These are some of the most frequently asked questions. Click on any one of the questions for more information.

1. What is a Web Page? What is a Web Site? What is the difference   between the two?

A web site is a place on the web that gives customers information about your business. A web site consists of a Home Page and one or more additional web pages detailing what you do, where you are, who you are and what you sell. It is the key to a customer's first impression of you on the internet.

A web site is "hosted" on a "virtual server" where many people can visit your site at one time, 24 hours a day. Our "Servers" have a secure connection to the internet, backed by large battery backups and data backup units to protect your site from going down or being inaccessible to your customers.

A web page is a single page within a web site. Many businesses may only need one or two pages to detail their business or service. Other businesses may need 20 - 30 pages to detail their products and services. You need to convey on the internet what it takes to sell your product in front of a customer or on the phone.

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2. What is a Domain Name? Should I have one?

A Domain Name is an identifier for you or your business on the web. It is used to help customers remember who you are and find your web site on the internet.

Your Domain name is the "address" to your web site. You should pick a domain name that people will associate with you and your business and be easy to remember when looking for you. Often times, your business name is the most logical answer.

Yes, you should acquire a domain name (your business name, if possible). Domain names are being purchased in the hundreds of thousands daily. Check to see if your name is available by clicking here.

Cost for registration is $44.95 for 2 years. It is $14.95 for each additional year. We register your domain name and post an "Under Construction page". You can pay for your domain name for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. You will be billed for your domain name based on the number of years you have purchased for your domain name. Although you own the domain name, you must pay for registration of that name through out the time you own it.

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3. Why should I have a web site? Do I need one?

You can have a personal web site, a business web site or an informative web site. 

  • Personal: Let your friends and family know what is going on with you and your family. Post pictures, list your family tree and lots more. It's fun and entertaining.
  • Business: Get new customers, keep your existing customers informed of new things, products and happenings with your business.
  • Informative: Sell your house, valuable car, jewels and more on the web. Reach millions of potential customers.

The web can be a window to millions of people around the world.

    • Sell your products or services on the web with secure pages.
    • Accept credit cards on line.
    • Correspond with customers all over the world.
    • Post pictures of your products with as much or as little details as you want.
    • Keep your family informed. Share pictures with people all around the world.

Like all other advertising, it is only as good as your content. A good web site campaign is one in which you make sure that your domain name is on everything that you hand out to customers - letterhead, business cards, bags, brochures and all other written communications.

You may not want everyone at your site, you may want a particular type of clientele. We can password protect your pages so that only your customers can reach your site. If you are looking for volume "hits", many people visiting your site, content update is an important part to selling and promoting your site, as well as frequent site submissions.

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4. How do I go about getting a web site?

You should acquire your domain name. Once you have a domain name, we can begin to create your web site. We can maintain it or you can maintain it. Once the site is created, it is posted onto the internet.

You are charged a monthly fee to have your site on our servers. When choosing a Host, you want to make sure your Host has big enough and secure enough computers to maintain your web site on the web, that they keep it secure and be available for your customers to visit at all times.

Your Host should be able to handle your volume of customers. These are important things to consider. If the "server" is not large enough to handle the volume of customers or is down all the time, you can lose business.

You want to make sure that enough people can access your site, that it does not go down or become inaccessible and that it is backed up often so it doesn't get lost if the server goes down. You also want a battery backup in case of power outages.

Our Host Servers have hundreds of large dedicated computers hosting thousands of customers and web sites. They have large generators for these servers with multiple lines connecting to the internet to insure that lots of people can see your site 24 hours a day.

Statistics are also an important part of your internet campaign. Properly armed with statistical information on your web site - number of visitors, type of visitors, length of stay, web pages visited and more, can tell you a lot about your web site and whether it is working for you or not. This is a must to help you make money.

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5. What are my options in getting and maintaining a Web Site?

You can have us create and maintain your web site.
We can create your web site. You can participate and be as active as you choose in maintaining and working on your site. If you would like us to maintain it, you can submit changes as often or as little as you like. Maintenance charges are based on the number of times and amount of changes made each month.

You can create and maintain your own web site.
Many people are choosing take this option. We can train on Net Objects Fusion or Microsoft Front Page 98 software. You can change and update your pages as often as you wish at no additional costs.

If you are not creative, we can help you create your site and you can maintain it from that point on.

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6. Why would I want to create and maintain my own web site?

One of the best reasons for creating and maintaining your own site is that you can change it daily.

  • Another good reason is it is lower in cost monthly because you don't have to pay anyone else to maintain it.
  • You have control of your site. If something happens to the Host or you decide to change Host, you can repost your site from your own computer. You always have a backup.
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7. How long does it take to put up a web site?

It can take anywhere from 1 week to several weeks to complete your web site. We offer a FREE Consultation, so that we can help you decide how you want on the internet. It depends on how much time you have to spend with us when we need questions answered about your business. If you can provide us with your business information, we can have your site up in no time.

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