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New Anti-Virus Software Available!

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) face many of the same risks and regulations as larger organizations, but in many cases, limited resources are insuffcient for achieving a high level of security.

Antivirus products require too much time and effort for these companies. With antivirus products, SMBs have to invest in additional hardware and supporting software licenses, as well as security-skilled personnel who are not focused on the core business.

As the number and sophistication of threats continues to increase, ensuring adequate protection is becoming much more complex for small and medium businesses.


Panda Managed Office Protection and CWD Enterprises.

CWD Enterprises takes a managed care approach with our clients. We will install this new software for you, make any and all necessary updates to ensure it is running optimally and monitor all updates and emails going forward so you don't have to. It's that easy.

CWD Enterprises wants all clients to have the best internet security protection possible which is why we are recommending Panda Managed Office Protection.

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